What is CCT LED Strip Light?

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What is CCT LED Strip Light?

The abbreviation CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature. It is a numerical indicator of the tones of white light an LED strip light can produce. It is measured in Kelvin (K).

The termcorrelationrefers to the relationship between the number of Kelvin and the color of lighting produced. In principle: the lower the Kelvin, the warmer the light, and the higher the Kelvin, the colder the light. Warm light appears yellow while cold light comprises bright white to bluish shades.

Our CCT light strips are designed to allow users to adjust the light strip to the desired color temperature. With the LED controller, you can choose any color temperature between 2700K-6500Kand they have 12V CCT led strips and 24V CCT led strips with a color rendering index of 90.

CCT led strips light are capable of varying between white light temperatures, and in any given space or area, it can provide a completely different experience or feel of hue. Whether you are considering adjustable lighting for your home, office or commercial facility, wish you had the option of adjustable lighting to create the perfect ambience.


BesidesTunable white LED lighting can be beneficial in several ways including health benefits as the technology supports the Human Centric Lighting (HCL) which is focused on the circadian tempo that controls our body clock among other aspects. Studies of the Circadian Tempo have shown that the intensity, timing, duration, and wavelength of light can affect the biological clock of humans.

Cool white stimulates and promotes concentration, while warm light calms, so tunable white LED lighting is good for our mood.

Studies have shown that bright blue lighting or cool white increases a healthy appetite, increases body temperature and heart rate, and enhances cognitive function. Warmer lighting allows for the calm low hormone levels and healing of patients in hospitals.

CCT strip lighting simply means changing the hue of the light can change our environment.

COXO is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of LED strip lights. For adjustable light strips, we have 2835 CCT light strips, 2216 CCT light strips and 3528 CCT light strips, etc. We can provide a one-stop for your indoor and outdoor lighting projects type solutions, welcome to contact us ([email protected]).

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